Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Genius Crow: learning and culture

Learning and culture are something we often only associate with human. If we only observe a bit more, many other mammals also exibit these traits. On top of that, scientists have even documented such behavior in crows.

Through observations, crows have learned to acquire new skills. These new skills are only found in a small community of crows in Tokyo; hence defining a distinct culture within that community. Crows in Japan learned and shared how to utilize traffic patterns to crack nuts and ensure their safety from being run over. Crow in this video figure out a particular skill set to get food through logical reasoning.

Other example of mammal learning and culture includes: Dogs in Moscow learned how to use the subways to find food. A small community of dolphins learned how to clouded water to trap fishes.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Government Ponzi scheme and currency manipulation

The massive Ponzi scheme of all time recorded in human history shall be realized sooner or later. They are these colossal social security guarantee and the federal and state pensions funds.
Definition of Ponzi scheme: A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned.

The people of our generation are obligated to pay into this massive poorly manage funds while having no chance of reaping any return from it. These subsequent investors like us are those will take the 100% lost.

On top of that, the top currency manipulator can be portrait here right on this chart below. The greatest expansion of U.S. dollar has literally skyrocketed from $800B to $2.2T and counting. Almost tripling the monetary based. From a simple economic equation

GDP = V * M where V is velocity of money, and M is monetary based.

V decrease in the recession, but with this massive increase in M, we kept seen a stable grow in GDP. This is a fake, drugged up, steroid-ed injected grow which look great on paper but rotten inside.

how to know .....

It is interesting see what google suggest gives you as you are typing your search. It is reflecting the most common searches used by people.

Ranking number one are for those confused ladies trying to figure out what is in the boys' head.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Genius Crow: learning and culture

Crows have been known for their ingenuity for thousands of year. Recorded in folk tales and fables. It is amazing to witness their quick adaptation to the urban environment as the force of evolution propels changes and creativity.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Which element are YOU? (Part4 - Earth)

Earth Dominant Person
Visualize soil, rock, dam, mountain, earth

Properties - Characteristic
  • Solid strong person. Nurturing nature, having the characteristic of supporting.
  • Enrich personality, with optimistic look at the world. Always positive, carrying yang energy.
  • Full of wisdom, idea, and energy. Imagine how the earth is rich with minerals, abundant of nutrients and carbon energy.
  • A source of strong support, counseling. People tent to come to an earth person for advices and guidance.
  • Earth person is strong, maintaining ground, earn people respect quickly.
  • Motivating to be around with.
  • Earth person represent balance in both yin and yang, the feminine and masculine. Be able to have friends, conversations in both gender type.
  • Earth person is associated with the qualities of patience as earth takes epochs for transformation.
  • Thoughtfulness is in the nature of an earth person, this person seeks to draw all things together with itself, in order to bring harmony, rootedness and stability.
  • Pay good deal of attention into tastes and food. Enjoy making food or eating out.
Behavior - Personality
  • Earth person takes leadership role through uniting everyone by gaining their respect quickly.
  • Earth person can be a great follower with strong integrity, who leaders can truly rely on this person to get the job well done.
  • People come to earth person, rather than earth seeking friends.
  • Earth person is often cheery and calm, but when angry everybody would know.
  • As in team work, earth person draw everyone ideas, inputs and compile in to a suitable solution for all.
  • Earth person represents practicality, hard work and stability. Sometimes vocal about obstacle but, steady moving to tackle it. A steady unstoppable force.
  • Earth person is ambition, stubbornness at time. As earth person hold their ground and maintain a solid strong opinion. They take responsibility early on, and maintain long term planning.
  • Earth person has a craving for sweet, or have no sweet tooth at all.
  • A good listener and a conversationalist. Able to absorb and discuss pretty much any subjects, but will have a strong opinion about it.

Destructive Cycle:
  • Earth is said to be controlled by Wood. A better way to put it is earth is defenseless against wood. Wood can parse earth, break up rocks, and hold on to earth as it digs its root deep.
  • An earth person often come to a wood person for second opinion, analyze or parsing a situation.
Controlling Cycle:
  • Earth controls water as mountain rises above sea, dam hold back water and control its flow. Water flow in channels and river designated by earth.
  • An earth person often has the authority over water, water might often not like it but still listen to earth. Water often won't be able to rise above or over come earth.
Generative Cycle:
  • Fire generate earth. As fire burn anything into ashes.
  • Earth person is further enriched by having fire around. It is cleansing and and important process to keep earth at a balance.
Overacting Cycle:
  • Too much fire on earth can have destructive power as in volcanic eruption and forest fire.
  • As being with fire person too much can irritate earth, as earth is responsible, balance and thoughtful. Fire is more childish, wild and spontaneous. These conflicting characteristic can spark arguments.

Part 5 - Fire - To be continue...