Friday, September 19, 2014

Launching of Kicklotto

1. Kicklotto is a new way to fund a lottery pool together
Kicklotto is the first official lottery pool manager that leverages the crowd funding model.  Currently we establish pools for two major lottery system: Mega Million and Power Ball.  With the power of crowd funding, we aim to maximize our chance to win the Jackpot.  Everyone is familiar with an office pool; why not take it to the next level and take the pool to the cloud.  With clearly documented legal agreement, Kicklotto is legally binding to our our terms and conditions.  Find your pool, jump in and hit the Jackpot.
2. Each pool is independently managed
Kicklotto is a platform and a resource; we’re not involved in the lottery drawing.  We will use the pool fund to purchase lottery ticket from authorized locations in Virginia.
3. Together,  swimmers fill up the pool
Each pool has its funding goal, selected charity, jackpot amount and of course the deadline.  If people like a particular pool, they can pledge money to be part of the pool.  Funding on Kicklotto is all-or-nothing — pools must reach their funding goals to execute the lottery purchase.  All-or-nothing funding might seem difficult, but it’s to ensure swimmers of the pool get the best odd at winning the Jackpot.
4. Backing a pool is more than just buying lottery ticket
By the power of crowd funding, there is an increase in the order of magnitude of winning the Jackpot.  Not only does the pool enrich every swimmer, but at the same time it can help support selected charity organizations.  The Kicklotto platform enable a small amount of seed fund to magnify itself by winning the lottery.
5. Our mission is to hit the Jackpot
Kicklotto is a new start up based in Fairfax, Virginia.  We spend our time making Kicklotto a little bit better every day, answering questions from swimmers, and finding new charities to support.  If a pool is successfully funded, we apply a 12% fee to the funds collected to cover our operation cost; mainly all the credit card transaction fees.  The remaining balance is used to purchase lottery tickets.
We believe that our pool crowd funding model gives a huge edge for the swimmers, and we’re thrilled to also support charities along the way.  Building a community of swimmers around a pool is a win win situation.