Thursday, July 3, 2014

Denisovans a new Cousin

Quite cool to see the interbreeding between the human family tree. Today they also found out the Han Chinese has interbreed with Denisovans about 40,000 year ago as well. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Call to Arms

About a month ago, I deployed 5,000 troops to the front line to secure a contractual agreement. The served as the paratrooper that survey the perimeter and secure the position for the full assault later this month. During the past month, I secure 74,000 mercenaries and 20,000 allies troop to assist on the final assault. Along with 43,000 of my own garrisoned troops, I launch the final assault today, a total for 137,000 troop joined force with the 5,000 already at the front line. There is an immediate 2,000 casualties, following by a swift victory. From occupying this new city, I have converted or recruit 15,000 troops from the population. The current city garrison capacity is at 156,000 troops. This new city can train and generate up to 1,400 troops a month. There is a 250 troops tribute requirement to join the loosely federated city states association. This troop contribution provides security, public water, trash, clearing of the federated states. There are much reconstruction to be done on this city that would need an additional 20,000 troops. After that the city can garrison up to 185,000 troops. There also needs an exit strategy for all allies troops and mercenaries. Starting Oct, 2014 1,500 allies troops are planned to leave the city every month. All allies troops will exit the city by the end of 2015. Based on the mercenaries contract, it requires a return of 1.5% of garrison mercenaries every month. All mercenaries troops shall exit the city by 2018.