Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Integrator

Through the first experience renovating my first home, it was a pleasant experience. I had one contractor which is a dad of a friend to do a few tile work. Other minor works were fun and enjoyable. Managing a single competent contractor was easy and rewarding.

When I took on a second project at my second condo home, it was completely different stories. Learning from the hard way, I dealt with multiple contractors and suppliers. Learning the insight into how to read people, judge their competency. The hardest part is how to bring the best out of them rather then seeing the worst of it. Even with multiple attempts, i couldn't get the results I want. Was it that I was too demanding? Wasn't I clear? was my expectation too high? or was it simply that I didn't select the right people. There are definitely a few lesson learned. However these aren't the best results as I want.

Trust my gut instinct sometimes and only give people ONE second chance and no more. Due to my own insecurity and worry that I plowed ahead giving too much trust to the expert who really doesn't know much.

  1. After two strike, it is out. No third chances
  2. Do my research, either own research or getting a second opinion. To verify the advice I am getting. Expert are not always right.
  3. Do not fear or your ability take time to find the right person or do it yourself. Correcting that much longer
These lesson above there distill from the experience with two contractors, which totally disappointed me to the point I never want to see them again. Some sign of indication
  1. Sloppy on the job, making a mess and damage other property w/o knowing. Cutting wood indoor and dirty my printer
  2. Sloppy tile job and consider that done. 
  3. Water heater installation was sloppy, took twice the amount of time. Due to not knowing about using the flexible gas line. Damage my water hose
  4. Giving bad advice on condense humidity on AC. Cause the door was open all day. Nothing wrong with machine
  5. Not doing something that is requested multiple time, running a electrical wire to island before patching up the wall. 
  6. Uneven wall, blame on previous wall was uneven
  7. Leaving big mess after working
The second experience
  1. Not sure what material to use, whatever material I suggest, say ok, more expensive is better
  2. Does not own the tool for the job
  3. Quoting material price double. 
It was a total disaster after the first cement section. Using the wrong tool, leveling too much cement, taking short cut, not grinding. Must monitor their workmanship, can't trust they do it right.