Saturday, June 18, 2016

Preliminary observation of acupuncture on treating RA

This series of observation was made by a friend who has recored his long journey in seeking cure for his health condition.

I had joint inflammation for over 10 years since his early 20s. At 24, I seeks medical help with a rheumatologist in fairfax. After a period of suspecting gout and trying out allopurinal, There is no significant improvement. Even the Dr, gave up on me, saying "I don't know what's wrong with you". All labotory test came back negative or w/o any significant indicator

I went for the first acupuncture session, with a lot of question in mind. The Dr. dress in a white coat with just a white beater underneath. After performing the acupuncture he left and left the assistant to extract the needle. Without a follow up to conclude the appointment, i felt like i got scammed. On the other hand, he didn't seem to care for my return or to impress me.
I gave it a second visit. After the first, i still have inflammation as usual. Taking his pill 3 times a day. During the second visit, the needle pattern changes. There are needle on my head as well as forehead. Total of 6, two in the ears and necks. About 4 on each arm and legs. I also received cupping. My right side was extremely red. It stayed red for 2 days and fade on the 3rd.
I still experiencing some swelling, knuckle and knee moderate only. Felt a slight heavy headed and slight headache. I also have feeling of heat on my breath and face. I notice my humidity level at the house to be average 50%.
On my third visit, he seem to be more welcoming and excited to see me. I showed me the mior swelling on the knuckle and my heated breath. I inquired about the humidity level, he suggest a dehumidifier but not humidity level recommendation. Dehumidifier is a recent invention, there is no text or research on recommended level from the Chinese Med perspective. So follow recommendation from google he said. The needle pattern was similar to the second visit. I also asked for cupping. This results in lots of red on top part of my back.
Right before the third visit, I had two large pieces of bitter melon with meat and soup. After the 1 hr visit I was starving. Also my head was heavy and body seem fatigue. Especially the back, it felt heated and tired after cupping. The next day i slept long and well. Like my body just recovered from being sick.
On the fourth visit, I only have a minor welling on the tip of my index finger to show. There is some disturbances on the knee but not much. His pattern of needle changed. He started from the arm instead of head. He used slight longer needle and he tapped them in. It is more painful in some spot during insertion. Also two more needles in the middle of the ears. During extraction, it felt tighter, the needle was held on by the skin tighter, like there is a magnetic pull on the needle. I asked the assistant how deep. She described it as about 2-3 mm deep. Before probably 1-2 mm deep.
I still feel heavy headed and tired after the visit. I will awaited to see for any more swelling or pain in the next week. So far, my symptoms seem to subsided and much more milder. 

To be continue