Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The shadow

As I also have a 15 month old, this image has stricken me hard. Arm still wrap around her dad for that faithful journey. They have risked traveling over a thousand mile and ended up death on US soil.

The crisis at the border has been ignored, pushed, walled away and not addressed for so long. You can't face the problem by shutting people out; making the process more miserable, detaining people in inhuman condition. You need to address it as a developed nation with morals and responsibility.

From a wholistic perspective, the hispanic population has enabled the foundation of the U.S. economy than you would realize. This shadow economy is the bed rock that support the prosperous U.S. consuming economy. The cheap labor, many time undocumented, has allows for cheap services from construction to services. It allows the economy to run as a discounted rate. Without this population to support and carry this unfair workload, everything will be much more expensive. The standard of living we all have today will be less affordable. We will have to live with less and lower our standard.

It is unfair to keep this shadow economy going by not addressing the immigration issue. It is irresponsible to wall people out and ignore the crisis. All system are inter connected. Any blockage to the movement will results in human suffering and long term devastation to the system.