Thursday, December 4, 2014

Period of Reconstruction

In the past four months to the next four will remain a reconstruction period after the invasion. Following the invasion, there is massive change the troop recruitment process. The existing barrack has terminated contractual agreement. The training pipeline began to empty out in early September. A new privately own barrack has been under construction since May. Bureaucracy and red tape has finally been over came in early August. A small training of troop has begin mid August, it was not until mid September that full training started to take place. As the private barrack, all matter of taxation, health care, research and development are to be manually managed. For the first 4 months, as the pipeline is still empty, output will be in bulk and sporadic. The projection of step troop output will be in mid January 2015.

Since my departure of the middle city, there has been massive drain of capital and de-vestment from business leaders. Two major contracts are terminated and I scramble to search new contracts and capital investment. The revenue from the middle city become unstable and constantly requires attention. Lucky enough during my departure, I was able to find a successor to my contract. During October, two new contracts felt through within the first 3 days. I was able to scrap a few bucks or two from early termination. The one contract was a good one and going strong. Now deep in November, i am still working on securing the remaining contract. Revenue from the city is still not yet steady.

With all the changes in both establishing a private barrack and city contract disturbances, reconstruction cost constantly requirement more resource and troop. The new city foundation was uneven that can't support any flat surfaces. Over 2,000 troops were deployed for that operation. Other small unexpected spending added up almost 1,000 troops. That includes electrical system, plumbing install, and day labors. By November, most of the infrastructure spending is complete. For the next 4 months, reconstruction efforts will be focus on furnishing the city. Deploying troops to add additional services to the city. Washing and drying services, refrigeration service, broad casting network, high speed internet and parks. A rough estimate of 5,000 troops.

The aging armored vehicle has been problematics for over two years. With no troops or resource available, financing option has to be considered to replacing the aging fleet of armored vehicles. 25,587 mercenaries are hired at 0.9% compensation for 36 months to build a new fleets. 720 troops are utilized each months for the next 36 months to up manage the construction of the fleet and overseeing the hired mercenaries

All available resources are committed for many ventures and investment. It is critical that the city generate a steady revenue, while the barrack provide steady stream of trained marine. 20,000 troops are expected to deploy oversea before lunar new year 2015 in February. Another 5,000 committed for new city reconstruction effort. Each month, to maintain operation, the minimal troop requirements is now at 4,000 troops. Maximum output of trained troop is at 9,700 troops. It is a tight margin to meet those deployment schedule above.