Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am a Democrat because

I am a Democrat because I believe in equality. Equality for all race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status. I am a Democrat because I believe in responsibility. Responsibility to sustain our environment for the next generation, responsibility to help the less fortunate, and responsibility reinvest in America. I am a Democrat because I believe in basic human dignity. The dignity to choose as
 a women, the dignity to choose your partner, the dignity of basic health care, the dignity to equal opportunity. I am a Democrat because I believe in Barack Obama.

I DON'T believe in inequality. Inequality against women, inequality against gay, inequality against the less fortunate, the disabled and the immigrants, and inequality against the middle class. I DON'T believe in trickle down economics. That's favoritism. I DON'T believe in social irresponsibility. You are on your own. I DON'T believe in environmental irresponsibility. That's dumping trash in own bed and won't clean up. I DON'T believe in imposing religion view on others. That's why I DON'T believe in Mitt Romney.