Sunday, April 5, 2015

None Attachment

Going to monkshood is selfless, often people confused them as selfish. They reason that monks are only thinking of themselves and their own well being and abandon their life and responsibility. They give up on life and looking for an escape. That in an incorrect perception. If that is the reason for people to start monkshood, it is the incorrect path as well. On the contrary, they are selfless. it is a lifetime committed to seek wisdom and help other. A lifestyle that is selfless and definitely not easy. They must first help themselves and then have the ability to help humanity with love and kindness for all. Not for just for “their” family, “their” son and daughter that they love. It is all being from human to animal. There is not self. While we are the selfish one. We want to have "our" own family that is our own possession and hence create an attachment. Since we choose such lifestyle, which is nothing wrong, we must understand it and accept that it come with attachment. Then we must learn to live with that attachment to our best of ability via these wisdom.