Friday, September 20, 2013


I want to start off with a quote for one of our super volunteer: "To be around so many dedicated people whom unconditionally give up their time everyday for 10 months for the sake of Vietpride.. Makes me one proud Vietnamese. Thank you Vietfest and everyone who coordinated, volunteered, participated and supported" Son Luu Through this event, I truly understand what it means by personal sacritfy. By the purity of the heart for the cause that motivate each one of us through out this journey. Now that the even is over, looking back, it feels like the "Apprentize" TV show. Only this is reality and the magnitude, the risk 10 folds but the reward is purely for the community. In away this is a challenge call to all young leaders to step up. To be the apprentice of tomorrow Vietnamese American, Impact on community and volunteers. people and you meet some of the nicest people you learn to work with some of the most difficult you make friends of a life time you become creative and think on the spot you grow smarter