Sunday, November 12, 2017

The photographer dilema


  1. Maximize access to raw content (verified good video content)
  2. Minimize additional out of pocket cost
  3. Minimize complication
  4. Maximize ability to provide review

These are the following options:

Option 1: min cost, most content, lock in

  • No album
  • Sign NDA to void original contract
  • Get access to all raw photo and video
  • Get $250 back
Objective meets: 1,2,3
Objective not meet: 4

Option 2: max cost, more content, most flexible
  • Get album
  • Not sign NDA
  • Pay $450 for all raw video
Objective meet: 1,3,4
Objective not meet: 2

Option 3: Go to court - wild card
  • No album
  • Sign NDA to settle at court
  • Access to all raw content
  • Get some money back
Objective meet 1,2,4
Objective not meet: 3

Best case: win court, get most refund, content
Likely: settle prior to court with more money back 
Worst case: lose money in court, no content

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