Monday, April 27, 2020

The disparity of covid

During the time of prosperity, the elite accumulated more wealth, gained more power, controlled more institutions. During the time of crisis, it is the commoners that scarify the most, loosing their livelihood and even their life to get society out of the crisis.

None as more obvious as right now during this Covid-19 crisis. The uneven distribution of burden has put all the weights on the blue collar and healthcare workers. During the boom of the decade prior, blue collar workers wealth shrink as a percentage of global wealth. Wages fall fair behind cost of living. Particularly real estate boom has caused unreasonably high prices with a mass transfer of wealth to the elite.

Then comes Covid-19, it is now the blue collar workers are considered as the essential worker, the workhorse to keep society on surviving mode. They continue having to risk their life to be exposed to the virus. The healthcare workers are praised as hero without cape but they are facing with serve shortage of PPE, the basic armor and ammo of the battlefield. It is more like hero with out PPE. While the rest of the society either work from home or collect unemployment check.

With the current federal government assistance, the unemployment check could be as high as $950 a week. That comes out to be over $60K/year salary before tax, or $28.5/hr rate. In a way blatantly unfair for those who are risking their life in the front line. Those delivery person, those grocery workers, they are getting roughly minimum wages, not where close to $28.5/hr rate. The healthcare workers surely are better off. But this benefits has unfairly extend to some group of people rather than reward those who are scarifying. Those who are in the front line not getting any more but health risk and empty praises. Even promise for a big worthless parade. Give them PPE, give them at least $28.5/hr above their normal rate, give them a true sense that society is behind to support them.

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